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Coping with HIV/AIDS Tips

It is completely normal to have an emotional reaction upon learning that you are HIV positive, such as anxiety, anger, or depression. These feelings do not last forever. As noted above, there are many things that you can do to help take care of your emotional needs. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Talk about your feelings with your doctor, friends, family members, or other supportive people.

  • Try to find activities that relieve your stress, such as exercise or hobbies.

  • Try to get enough sleep each night to help you feel rested.

  • Learn relaxation methods like meditation, yoga, or deep breathing.

  • Limit the amount of caffeine and nicotine you use.

  • Eat small, healthy meals throughout the day.

  • Join a support group.

There are many kinds of support groups that provide a place where you can talk about your feelings, help others, and get the latest information about HIV/AIDS. Check with your VA health care provider for a listing of local support groups. Some VA medical centers have support groups available at the clinic or hospital.

More specific ways to care for your emotional well-being include various forms of therapy and medication. Used by themselves or in combination, these may be helpful in dealing with the feelings you are experiencing. Therapy can help you better express your feelings and find ways to cope with your emotions. Medicines that may be able to help with anxiety and depression are also available.

You should always talk with your doctor about your options. There are many ways to care for your emotional health, but treatments must be carefully chosen by your VA physician based on your specific circumstances and needs.

The most important thing to remember is that you are not alone; there are support systems in place to help you, including doctors, psychiatrists, family members, friends, support groups, and other services.


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