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October 2nd 1997, 8:30am, CD4 count: 27, Viral Load: 770,000, at the age of 42,     I was diagnosed with full blown AIDS. The Doctors said that I probably had HIV for up to 10 years before I became sick. I never was sick, or for that matter even had a headache, before this time. Why would I ever think that I would have HIV? I had been with my partner for over 10 years. Safe Sex ? I have been with the same guy for over 10 years, it must be safe!
Well it wasn't!

Fast forward to the current date, July 2014: CD4 count: 435, Viral Load: UNDETECTABLE

Thanks to drugs such as AZT, D4T, 3TC, Crixivan, Videx, and many more. I am one of the lucky survivors. Perhaps I will be one of the lucky ones to see the day when HIV/AIDS will be a thing of the past.

"Why aren't you afraid of HIV?"

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